Hurricane Harvey: A Teachable Moment


Children have a natural ability to show empathy for others who are in trouble or in need. They are exquisitely atuned to the feeling of vulnerability all humans experience and tend to respond with care and compassion.

With the recent hurricane Harvey aftermath, children may want to do something. It is a wonderful opportunity to talk about helplessness, our commission to love one another and be our “brother’s keeper.”

You and your child may not be able to get to Texas, but this may be the perfect opportunity to find a local charity such as the Salvation Army and volunteer to help in your own community.

Even children as young as 2 years old can learn to hand a napkin at a soup kitchen or throw paper plates away when someone is finished eating. Sorting through clothing is an opportunity to learn colors and feel textures.  Giving someone a ride to the doctor may introduce your child to people who they otherwise my never be drawn into their lives, and possibly other cultures.

There are any number of ways involving children in a charitable endeavor can be a successful experience both for volunteer and family member. Allow this season to be a “teachable moment” for your child.