Visionary Parenting: leading your child to Christ at each stage of development

What would you consider to be the most important aspect of raising children to know God?

Some would say church attendance, others believe a good Christian school to be paramount.

As you are raising your child, what steps are you taking to insure they are raised in the faith?

Those are good things, but not the most important. They make a difference, but not life-changing.

The most definitive means of leading your child to Jesus is your own life in Christ. Take some time today as parents to perform a spiritual check-up together.

Are you growing in your relationship with Jesus? Spending some time communicating with Him during the day, reading his Word, performing acts of kindness in His Name?

How do you treat one another? How do you treat other people? Your children learn how to be a husband or wife by your example. They learn how to be parents by experiencing your parenting. They learn how to follow Jesus by following you.

Where and how are you leading them?

Your relationship with Jesus is the most important magnet drawing your child into relationship with God. Hold up your spiritual mirror and ask the Holy Spirit to show you one simple thing today that He desires for you in order to draw closer to him. Then work together, hold one another accountable, encourage one another daily in growing closer to Jesus, falling in love with him more deeply and intentionally, and following him more dearly.