At every stage of a child’s life, he or she can be brought to Jesus.  For parents, teachers, caregivers, and ministers, a knowledge of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual developmental milestones can help bridge gaps in understanding and acceptance of the good news from God: that they are valued, loved, and sought after by Him.  This blog hopes to help remind us of those ages and stages to make us more patient, more creative, and more successful in bringing our children and teens to Christ wherever they are on the Journey to the heart of God.

Theresa “Tess” Cox is a pediatric physician assistant with more than 34 years experience in working with children, youth, and parents.  She earned her PA degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN and her Masters in Psychology/Counseling from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA.

Her previous writing has included articles for both “Breakaway” and “Brio” youth magazines, as well as a contributor to the books: “Faith That Breathes: for Women,” “Great Dates,”  “Worry-Free Living,” (a chapter on raising worry-free children), and co-authoring “Dating, Relating, & Waiting” with Michael Ross in 2015.

Tess is an experienced Retreat planner and speaker and enjoys working with children, teens, youth workers and parents.  She has been involved in the Natural Helpers program, helped start a community abstinence program for rural youth in West Virginia, and leads a parenting workshop called, “Developmental Discipleship for Parents” which she created.

Currently, Tess is about to publish her first book, “The Three Questions” for adolescent and teen girls aged 12-18 dealing with finding their beauty, their identity, and creating a vision for their future.  She is available for speaking engagements at Retreats for parents, children, youth, and churches.

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